Oliver, Justin, Reggie, and Olivia standing in front of their Frosty and Millie snow people. 2021Justin, Reggie, Oliver, and Olivia showing off their thanksgiving bag art work for Little Brothers project.Justin, Olivia, Reggie, Oliver with spider arMs. J. Justin, Reggie, Oliver, Olivia, and Mr. Greg at Parkview trick or treat 2021Mr. Greg, Justin, Olivia, Reggie, Ms. J, and Oliver trick or treat at Krupps.school bus driver in headless halloween costume.Ms. J., Olivia, Oliver, Reggie, and Mr. Greg costumes at 4 seasons store.kids playing with the pumpkin guts after carving.Reggie, Justin, Olivia, and Oliver holding their carved pumpkins.Reggie,Oliver,Olivia,and Justin holding their carved pumpkins on the railing of the school.E.R.F.D. visits E.R.S. kids.Oliver wearing fire suit.Olivia in E.R.F.D. gear.Justin wearing some fire gear.Oliver, Justin, and Olivia trying on fire equipment for size.What's in the fireman's bag?fireman showing how to put on face mask.Reggie working the fire hose nozzle.Justin working the fire hose nozzle.Lots of gadgets on the big red fire truck.Fire dept. showing the kids some of the equipment on the smaller fire truck. Reggie, Olivia, Justin, and Oliver learning where they keep extra oxygen tanks. Reggie makes a plant cell structure out of foam.Reggie's plant cell structure.Justin and Oliver peeking their heads through all the pumpkins. Justin, Oliver, and Olivia in their farmer's clothes. Justin and Ms. Johanson petting a big white turkey at the Hulkkonen pumpkin farm Oliver and Justin in the pumpkin patch. Olivia and Ms. Christine at the Hulkkonen pumpkin farm.Justin and Reggie feeding Turkey at Hulkkonen's farmpumpkins on the bus ride home with their seat belts on. Reggie's pumpkin setting a good example for all the others on the bus ride home and wearing his seat belt. Turkey and Lurkey at Hulkkonen's farmPlayground Equipment completed spring of 2020. Green and brown slides and climbing platforms and ladders surrounded by woodchips and free form black borders.Playground Installation 0f spring 2020. Bobcat work and structure placement of posts and platforms.Reggie, Justin, Vanessa, Jeffrey, and Noah decorate Big Brothers bags for Easter. Happy Easter painted in bright colors with water colored Easter eggs scattered amongst the bag. The other side has woven Easter basket with water colored eggs in the baskets.